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Empathy 140 characters at a time

If you’ve ever felt victimize by your social networks asking “What’s happening?” or “What’s on your mind?” is either because you’re an independent strong user who needs no interface to ask you anything about your day or because you can’t actually reduce your “complicated millennial mind” to fit a text box. Ok, or maybe you don’t care at all. Whichever the answer is, what those boxes ask us is way deeper than we think.

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Your Best Friend’s Fridge

How do we know we are best friends with someone? Ideally, when they know everything about you or when you can snapchat each other seven funny faces in a row. Realistically, when you go to their house and you feel free to open their fridge. What’s the matter with opening other people’s fridge? Aside from taking delicious food to avoid starving (as almost every student in college), it denotes a sense of pertenece and connection. You feel confortable enough to interact as someone who lives in that house. I discovered the internet works like your friend’s fridge.

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1984 featuring: your laptop


We know for sure two things: oreos are the greatest cookies ever invented and we can find almost everything in the internet. This isn’t a new thing, in fact I’m opening a brand new pack of oreos right now, right here. I wish they were double stuffed oreos. Anyway, going back to the important stuff (not that oreos aren’t), almost everything is in the internet. The only thing I hadn’t found in Sigue leyendo