Duchamp makes me feel like I can do art

Sometimes we found ourselves contemplating works of art just like the one Coldplay used for one of their album covers (Come on, we all now that one), and other times we try to figure out how the hell this is in the MoMA but we can’t achieve a proper scholarship:

Thanks to Duchamp, we all have trust issues. We can understand how classic works of art arrived to a museum, but we can never forgive the fact an urinal made it to a museum but we can’t make it through the semester. The great thing is that there’s something Duchamp can give you in return, Dadaism. Although he wasn’t the one proposing this movement, he’s one of the best known dadaists out there. Dadaism was a movement that kicked over the traces of conventional art. It mocked of the  bourgeois artist. One of the most recognized manifestations of Dadaism consists in cutting out words from newspapers or magazines and mixing them to create poetry or images. That sounds something we all can do, right? 

Lets sit, relax, avoid thinking about college fees, taxes, assignments for next week and become dadaists for a moment. (At least we can pretend we are some damn good artists)


Plantas (plants) pointing the obvious.

“Is it difficult to work with a woman?” Excerpt taken from an interview to a police officer regarding his female chief.


“Tell me three things you like about Mexico”

Gif obtained from http://giphy.com/
Photographs are an original Kimberly 


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